1983 Strato Vibe


Embark on a sonic journey with the 1972 Echo Soul Bass, a masterpiece that captures the very essence of musical heritage.

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Unleash the power of rhythm and funk with the Saxaboom Supreme! More than just a toy, this electronic saxophone takes your musical experience to new, boisterous heights. Designed for the audacious and the bold, the Saxaboom Supreme promises a unique blend of retro vibes and modern flair. Its lightweight build makes it perfect for spontaneous jam sessions, while its array of pre-recorded riffs ensures you’re always the life of the party. From its vibrant aesthetics to its powerful sound, the Saxaboom Supreme is not just an instrument—it’s a statement. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just looking for a burst of nostalgia, this playful sax will ensure you’re always in tune with the groove. Let the Saxaboom Supreme be the heartbeat of your musical adventures!

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